How to Use Your FREE Vocabulary Intervention Plans and Activities

Here’s a quick guide to what’s included in your FREE Vocabulary Intervention and Activities packet for upper elementary students.

Four weeks of intervention lessons include five days of lessons and activities on each topic:

  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Homophones

Step-by-Step Intervention Lesson Plans For Small Groups

Each weekly lesson plan follows the same general format with no complicated directions, strategies, or activities. This allows the teacher to focus on teaching the skill and the student to focus on learning the skill.




  • Day 1 – Introduce the skill by looking for similarities and differences in words. Define the skill. Teacher models a sort, and then students independently sort.




  • Day 2 – Review the skill and play a simple game that’s included in this packet. Formatively assess learning by observing students play the game and a verbal exit ticket.




  • Day 3 – Use yesterday’s formative assessment to decide if it’s time to bump up the rigor and take the skill to the next level. If students need more practice with the basic skill, use today to clear up misconceptions or practice. If students were able to independently practice the skill yesterday, now is the time to bump up the rigor with a quick mini-lesson and many opportunities for students to practice the next level of the skill. Formatively assess today’s lesson with a quick exit ticket included with your packet.




  • Day 4 – By now, your students should have a solid understanding of the basics of the skill. After a quick introduction and review of the focus skill, today’s the day for them to practice what they’ve learned with another engaging game . Observe the play today to uncover any misconceptions. Formatively assess what they know with an exit ticket included in your packet.




  • Day 5 – It’s show what you know day. Students take a summative assessment that focusses on what they’ve learned in the last 4 days. After students complete the assessment, give them immediate feedback on their assessment. If time allows, students can play a game that was played earlier this week.




Use the lesson plans that are already created for you or make your own with the intervention lesson plan with the  template that is included in your packet.


Here’s some information about what’s included in your FREE Vocabulary Intervention and Activities packet for upper elementary students:

  • Games – Games a great way to get reluctant students to participate. Keep the games simple so students can focus on practicing the reading or math skill in the game. Once students understand how to play the game, the content can be easily switched out and you do not have to spend instructional time or practice time on directions. Some of my favorite games to use in intervention groups are Go Fish! Memory, and Old Maid.


  • Scaffolding – It’s important that students have a resource that they can refer to if they have a question about the content they are practicing. They should have the resources to answer their own questions instead of always relying on the teacher for answers. This packet includes charts that students can refer to for word meanings as they play games.


  • Colored Pens and Paper –  Colored pens and paper are not included in this packet, but they are one of my favorite intervention tools for engagement. Since intervention groups are small, I try to give them something that looks a little different than their regular classwork.

Who is doing the work?

Intervention groups should always be student-centered. Whether you use the premade lessons and activities in this packet or you use the intervention template to create your own intervention lesson, keep in mind that teacher talk should be kept to a minimum and student talk should be happening during the majority of the group.


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