What Are Sketch Notes and How Can I Use Them to Help My Struggling Readers?

notes with a highlighter and pen

  What are sketch notes? Sketch noting is a visual note-taking strategy to help students with comprehension-monitoring and understanding the text.    Why did I start using sketch notes?    My fourth-grade intervention group hit a reading comprehension wall. They seemed to be able to read and understand text when they were with me in […]

Why Upper Elementary Struggling Readers Need to Play Intervention Games

Upper Elementary Reading Games for Struggling Readers

After the challenging school year that we have just had, you might be asking yourself, “What are some reading interventions I can use with my struggling readers?” There are hundreds of programs and strategies out there to choose from. It’s overwhelming. One simple solution is to implement reading games with your upper elementary students during […]

How to Use Your FREE Vocabulary Intervention Plans and Activities


Here’s a quick guide to what’s included in your FREE Vocabulary Intervention and Activities packet for upper elementary students. Four weeks of intervention lessons include five days of lessons and activities on each topic: Prefixes Suffixes Synonyms and Antonyms Homophones Step-by-Step Intervention Lesson Plans For Small Groups Each weekly lesson plan follows the same general […]

Create Intervention Templates To Save Time and Maximize Student Growth


Create your own content instead of hunting for that perfect activity. It sounds time consuming, but too often we go on the hunt for that perfect activity only to look at the clock an hour later with a blank lesson plan and activities that don’t “flow” into five days of lessons.  Invest the time and […]