Hi, I'm Kelly!

Simplify your intervention planning and activities to increase student engagement and achievement.

I help teachers create, plan, and manage intervention groups so they can save time and see their students succeed.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • I spend my day teaching, my nights and weekends planning, I’m exhausted and my kids aren’t succeeding. 


  • I teach everything I’m supposed to, but my kids are still failing. They’re so far behind. I don’t know how to catch them up. 


  • Maybe I need a new career. I feel defeated before my day even begins. 


  • I work really hard but it just makes no difference in my success. 


I’ve been there. I even quit teaching at one point. But I came back to teaching and figured out how to manage my time, help my students, and enjoy my career. 

I've been there and I want to help you find success without spending your entire life planning.

Yep, I quit teaching after six years in the classroom. 

And I said I was never going back. But I did and I’m happy that I went back. 

When I quit teaching we moved to another state and I got a job in the customer service billing department of a hospital. Guess what I ended up doing after a few months? Training. Just like every other job that I’ve ever had. We moved back to our original state after about two years and my friend talked me into going back to the classroom. 

After going back to teaching I realized that I did want to teach. I just didn’t want to spend every waking moment of my life writing lesson plans that didn’t serve me, my students, and my time. So I figured out how to simplify my reading groups and lesson plans. Then I figured out how to use the process to streamline reading, writing, and math plans so I didn’t have to start from scratch each week. I got my time back and my students were learning because they knew what to expect each day.

Four years after my return to teaching I became an interventionist and use the same ideas that helped me in the classroom to plan and manage 10 daily intervention groups.

I certainly don’t have it all figured out but I want to share with you ways to make small changes so the time you spend planning is productive and your lessons are the right fit for your students. 

Let me help you start simplifying your teaching life today.

No more complicated lesson plans or centers. Get started by downloading your FREE intervention template with planning guide, game card template, and four weeks of vocabulary lesson plans and activities ready to print and use. Download your plans and templates below. 

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